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MomentFeed Launches Enhanced Local Photos

MomentFeed’s Enhanced Local Photos helps multi-location businesses scale and maximize the value of their location-specific images.

25 of the Best Free WordPress Themes for Bloggers in 2021

Hubspot As a blogger, you want your website to reflect your unique voice and style. You also want visitors to have a positive experience navigating your site — that is,…

Embrace the Growing Imperative for Continued Learning and Certification

You wouldn’t see a doctor who isn’t board certified. And you wouldn’t hire a lawyer who hasn’t passed the

Looking to Start a Career in SAP Administration

Reddit SAP Community Hello all, I am looking to start a career in SAP HANA administration/technology associate. I currently work as a service desk analyst with a company that uses…

5 Fundraising Learnings from Nonprofit Summit (Education) By: Laura Croft, VP of Advancement at the CDC Foundation I recently had the chance to participate and present at’s Nonprofit Summit, a virtual gathering that brought…

How to Use SAP Ariba Discovery as a Buyer or Seller

SAP Press Blog Buyers and sellers can use SAP Ariba Discovery to find new sources of supply or to find new leads, respectively.