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Forum Post: Getting error while retrieving attribute history for the Product entity, the localizable attribute.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Hello everyone, We're retrieving Audit data from the .Net program and get the below error on the Product table Exception – 'RetrieveAttributeChangeHistory doesn't support Localizable attributes The…

AdPlayer.Pro Introduces AMP Video Ads Kit 2.0

AdPlayer.Pro’s AMP Video Ads Kit 2.0 will help publisher create and launch video ad campaigns on AMP.

Contentsquare Launches Cookieless Digital Analytics Solution

Contentsquare uses intent signals, not cookies, to provide insight into consumer behaviors.

Forum Post: RE: How can I export the columns from import details page?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Hi Kokulan your trick really works but i wasn't able to use Export to Excel but with FetchXML builder i can see the list and just copied…