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User queries report Oracle.BI

Reddit Oracle Community Is it possible to extract a report containing all the queries a user has done? I am.quite a newbie of this tool submitted by /u/International_Fish84…

[PeopleSoft] Search/Match No Results – Suspended Records

Reddit Oracle Community Hey there! Has anyone had an issue where search/match returns no results in constituent staging for suspended records? It is not a permissions issue! A very, very…

Any recommendations for vendors that do small jobs?

Reddit Oracle Community Looking to pay someone to write a few calls for Oracle's bulk API (Eloqua specifically). I've talked to 4-5 mid-sized consulting houses and they've all basically said…

Oracle Ramps Up Free Online Learning and Certifications for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Autonomous Database

I’m happy to announce that Oracle is offering free access to online learning content and certifications for a broad array of users for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Autonomous Database….